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Greeting from Dr. Shaw

Hello, I am glad you found our blog, and I hope you stay tuned for new content. We felt the best way to start this new journey was to know the “voice” behind the curtain and introduce myself. You would think this would be an easy post to write.

However, as a true caregiver at heart, it is hard to talk about yourself and highlight interesting aspects of yourself. However, I hope you hear the voice of someone you can connect with and check out the new posts weekly.

Before I dive into who I am as a therapist and that journey, let me explain my current position as an educator for 18 years (9 years as an elementary school teacher, four as an elementary school counselor, and five years as a junior high student support counselor).

Some of you may not have had the fondest memories of school, and as a student from the 80s and 90s, yes, the times of education were much different. Also, I know my life is a little different by being in education literally all my life. However, school was a place to show me what possibilities were out there and that I could be more than what I had at home.

Through my own life experiences and upbringing as a child, I always felt a need for children and grown-up children (AKA adults) need to be seen and heard. As a high school senior, I wrote in my senior yearbook that I planned to be a child psychologist and have a doctorate.

These were BIG career goals from first-generation college students and parents that didn’t understand the need to go to college, so they were emotionally and financially withdrawn from these supports!

Possibly due to the lack of this support, it moved me forward to pursue my undergraduate coursework in Human Development and Family Studies and Psychology.

As a therapist, I take my approach to how I feel those parts of ourselves that aren’t “seen and heard” when we are little resurface into unmet needs when we are grown-up “children.” Although children are my specialty, I believe the parts that are hurting are unresolved hurtful, and possible traumatic experiences from our childhood. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is my favorite approach to therapy, but I am a true person-centered therapist and will take the lead of my clients.

After work of truly embodying the skills needed to prepare you for EMDR work with coping skills, mindfulness, and a solid foundation, we will move into the phases of EMDR.

I believe in the therapeutic power of play and see play as a child’s language with which they process life’s struggles. I am passionate about helping people through life’s ups and downs and building the skills needed to cope with issues that may be causing problems in their lives. I plan to provide a safe environment, without judgment and full of acceptance during sessions with clients. I strive to meet my clients where they are and help them meet their goals.

Thank you again for stopping by and reading my first post as a therapist! I hope you come back by to check out future posts!

Tell someone today-“I see you, and I thank you!”

Best regards,

Christina Shaw, Ed.D, LPC-A

Remember-“You can be a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time!” -Sophia Bush