Being Mindful and Grounded During Summertime

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Summer serves as an ideal backdrop for establishing a routine of mindfulness. With longer daylight hours and abundant natural beauty, you can choose any time of day that resonates with you to pause, reflect and connect with your surroundings.

Whether you opt to bask in the sun’s early morning rays, listen to the harmonious songs of birds, or absorb the symphony of crickets and cicadas in the evening, each moment offers unique sensory experiences. Even a simple midday break to feel the sun’s warmth can be transformative. Close your eyes; what do you hear? What do you feel?

The summer season provides an opportunity to establish mindfulness habits. By doing so during the calm, your brain will remember these routines when the hustle and bustle of fall arrives. These summer mindfulness routines will then serve as a safe haven, helping you stay grounded and present amid life’s complexities.

Yet, not everyone experiences a laid-back summer. If you find yourself engrossed in work or other commitments, a short sensory-focused activity can help you become more mindful and grounded. Try using resources like’s “Do Nothing for 2 Minutes” challenge. During these two minutes, you can practice a sensory version of I-Spy.

Begin by closing your eyes (or look down at your feet if closing your eyes doesn’t feel comfortable or safe). Listen intently, identifying as many sounds as you can. Once you’ve acknowledged all audible stimuli, shift your focus to tactile sensations. What can you feel? Next, visually seek out elements in your environment that represent calmness to you. Proceed by identifying any smells, and finally, any tastes that you can discern.

This brief exercise surpasses the two-minute mark but leaves you feeling more refreshed and grounded. Mindfulness is about being curious about your surroundings, truly embodying the phrase “stopping and smelling the roses.” Incorporating this sensory I-Spy into your daily routine strengthens the neural connections that unleash your mindful superpowers when you find yourself swept up in life’s busyness. Make the most of summer and let it pave the way for mindful living throughout the year.